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Al-Maghrib Orphange School was founded in January 2024 in Danbatta Local Government, Kano state. 


Getting to know the School

 1. Name : almaghrib orphange school 

 2. Situated in Dambatta local govt Kano 

3. Maximum of 24 orphans per class 

4. Provision of free lunch 3 times a week. A cook has been hired. 

5. There is Islamiya thrice a week (Quran only) 

6. The security guard was provided with capital to sell sweets and biscuits to the children. This has created additional income for him 

7. The school has a mini library and a sick bay fully equipped with first aid kits 

8. The children have extra learning aids Such as poster color, play dough , counting aids etc 

9. There is provision for Infrastructure

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