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Highlight #1


On the 9th of November 2021, TDI in collaboration with Al-maghrib foundation  launched  a Secondary School Sensitization program where we started with Rumfa College, one of the oldest schools in the history of kano state. We discussed about Depression, Self-esteem and sustainability. We also went ahead and planted some plants with the students. We had a selection of students from each of the 45 classes of the school, making about a hundred of them in the hall.

Highlight #2


On the 27th May 2020 there was a sensitization on COViD 19 at Agangara Village of Makoda Local Govt. They were fully educated on the Do’s and Dont’s and detergents to wash their hands were distributed 

Highlight #3


On the 27th June 2020, we had a courtesy visit to D. Health Clinic In Bakarari, DBT local govt, Kano. Being a Child-centered foundation, we delivered some drugs specifically for the sick children.

The Staff were very warm and welcoming. We were able to see some of the Children living around the area. 

Highlight #4


On the 3rd July 2020, almaghrib foundation fed a total of one hundred  and twenty (120) children over the last 10 days of Ramadan. Being a child centered foundation, we only focus on the needy children.  This took place at DBT local govt. The Children gathered and were served rice, stew, beef and salad.  

Highlight #5


On the 25th of August 2020, we registered our batch A students and awarded them with scholarships from primary 1-5 at Al-furqan academy(both western and Islamic education. The guidelines of the scholarships as well as the application forms for the sponsorships were distributed to the parents.  



On the 28th April 2022, a total of 64 students were given scholarship at Uncle B. Academy. All students were given forms to fill and provide passport photographs. The foundation arranged to meet with their parents. We met the owner of the school, a very dedicated public servant that runs the school with his little salary. We were moved by the story of how he started and almaghrib is % ready to work together with him. 



On the 18th May 2022, the owner of DBT academy built a seperate side for almaghrib foundation students. Our members were invited to the commissioning of the building where our 64 students joined us. A beautiful celebration (dancing) was performed by the students to welcome us. 




On the 24th April 2022, the President, Vice President, Secretary and the Operational Team visited the Students at alfurqan academy. We met the students with their parents and teachers. All concerns were raised and addressed.  Gifts were presented to all the students. It was a very fruitful day 



On the 23rd of April 2022, the President, vice president, secretary and operational team visited the students at Uncle B academy. We were pleased to meet the teachers, parents and the students. We raised and addressed all  concerns. Lollipops were distributed to all of them 

Highlight #10


Over the years, we have been able to honor students that were exceptional. The foundation has been presenting gifts to our top performers in all the schools. It was gathered that this motivated the students to perform better. 

Highlight #11


On the 23rd April 2022, the President, Vice and Secretary of Almaghrib foundation  visited FKTH Almaghrib health clinic in Madobi local govt. We took some drugs to them and we met the Doctor, the person in charge of the lab and the chairman of the community. All concerns were raised and addressed accordingly.  We met a lot of women and children patients at the hospital  



On the 24th August 2022, alfurqan academy presented an award of recognition to the foundation.  Our members went to the ceremony and received the award. Thank you for the recognition



Women with Vesicovaginal fistula (Yoyon Fitsari)

TDI in collaboration with Almaghrib foundation paid a visit to women with Vesicovaginal fistula on Saturday 6th May, 2023. We are thankful that the number of patients with vesicovaginal fistula has decreased since our last visit in 2019, including a significant reduction in the number of adolescent girls affected. Jazakumullahu Khair for your contributions; the patients were excited and showered their prayers on you and us. Sometimes, it’s not about what you bring, but about the visit itself. It shows them how much people care about them and reminds them that they are not alone or forgotten. Some of them have been neglected by their families, but you give them hope once again and encourage them to keep fighting simply by showing that you care through your visits. let's continue to make more visits in the future with your support, inshaAllah. 


On May 19th, TDI and Almaghrib Foundation collaborated with Murtala Muhammad Hospital to commemorate Family Doctors Day in a grand way! We organized a fantastic road walk and engaged in public enlightenment activities, spreading awareness about the importance of family doctors in providing quality healthcare to our communities.

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