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Al-Maghrib Clinics



Fatima Kabara Health Clinic by Almaghrib Foundation (Almaghrib clinic) is located at Tsohon Garu Madobi LGA Kano State.  This is a primary health care clinic situated in a remote area where there are quite a number of villages without access to healthcare. It used to take them an hour drive to go to the nearest hospital but now there’s an easy access. Patients are diagnosed and given medication, children undergo immunization while the pregnant women have access to antenatal services. The hospital is managed by the local govt and they render a weekly record of patient visits to the local govt.  The hospital opening hours are 8am-4pm. For services beyond these hours , patients need to visit another hospital. There are people from 8 different villages that come to this particular clinic as follows; 

1.Tsohon Garu




5.Tashar Maza

6.Rigar Gora









  • Korachi village is located at Gayawa ward in Ungogo LGA, Kano State. The community has an

    estimated population of 187,000 people. Farming is the main source of income for the

    community members. In Korachi there is a huge gap in terms of social amenities, the

    community is underserved for health care services because there is no public or private health

    facility hence making access very difficult for the dwellers. Members have to travel to the city to

    seek health care services, proximity to the public health facilities in the city is far and the road

    network is bad most especially during the raining season. For this reasons many of community

    members seek traditional remedy to address their health needs and this also worsen the health

    seeking behavior.

  • From the side of educational sector, there is only one primary school in the village and is in

    adequate and requires renovation. Some buildings are dilapidated and classes have no roofing

    hence over 150 pupil live in a class as against the recommended 30-40 pupil minimal standard.

    Many of children are not consistent to the school while some are drop out. This situation

    predisposes the children to hawking and other income generation activities which makes the

    more vulnerable to HIV.


    Fortunately, the USAID funded ICHSSA 3 project implemented in the LGA by HDAI had

    established CQIT at LGA and cascaded to ward and community levels including Koranchi

    village. The Counselor of the ward is from the village and an active member of CQIT and CPC

    at LGA level. He was mobilized and had replicated the CQIT in Koranchi village. HDAI

    participated in their meeting and provided technical support in carrying out community

    situational analysis, identifying needs of the community as well as prioritization to address the

    identified needs.


    Committee members identified many issues notably among other needs are;

    • provision of health care services

    • improving education.

    • Improving road network

  • Having discussed the major gaps in health care, they prioritized as most need to be addressed.

    Accordingly, one of the community member donated a piece of land 75x75 for proposed

    permanent site for health facility for the community and another member donated a big garage

    which was a poultry for the purpose of setting a temporary health clinic to start skeletal services.

    The community members renovated the garage and petitioned it into 4 office space as follows;

    • Big waiting area for patients

    • Pharmacy

    • Consulting room

    • Observation /treatment room

  • They also provided 3 office tables and chairs, 5 benches for the patient waiting area and

    secured 2 hospital beds with mattresses, BP apparatus set, 5 Digital clinical thermometers,

    Pinna scope, Dressing tools/materials and surgical stitching set. Others include measurement

    tape, weighing scale, mackintosh, Surgical and disposable gloves.

    HDAI led the team from the LGA comprising the HODs of Community and Health visited the

    community and participated in the meeting. Both HODs commended the efforts made by the

    community and conveyed LGA’s commitment to support and deploy health personnel to

    commence service provision. The facility is expected to commence services before the end of

    this month (April, 2021)

    The CQIT has been registered at the LGA level as a Community Based Organization (CBO)

    known as “Koranchi Elders Development Association” with registration number; REG:


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